Mississippi River Sculpture Park - Catalog

Each of these historical figures has a story which can be seen on our website <http://www.statuepark.org/>

These small cast bronze sculptures are made from the original clay maquettes sculpted by artist Florence Bird. The clay maquettes were enlarged and detailed by the artist before they were cast life-size in bronze for the Mississippi River Sculpture Park on St. Feriole Island at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
  We are offering this special first edition of cast bronze maquette size sculptures for collectors interested in the Mississippi River Sculpture Park at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin illustrating the deep history of the area near the confluence of the beautiful Wisconsin and great Mississippi Rivers. Each sculpture in this edition is numbered and signed by the artist.
The following price for each maquette size sculpture is 25% less than the current gallery price.

Contact information:
Florence Bird, artist

Aunt Marianne LaBuche (14.5” high)     $6,375.00

Black Hawk (21” high)


Victorian Lady (17” high)      $6,300.00

Emma Big Bear (11” high) $8,475.00

Julian Coryer - Voyageur (6” high)    $6,375.00